We are delighted to announce that after many years of fundraising we have managed to complete the planned extension and refurbishment of the room which is now available for hire.


This website is intended to give you a brief idea of the facilities available and direct you to the right people to contact if you would like to hire the venue or if you would like to know more about any of the groups who are involved with the project.


With major funding from Biffa Award, the management group would like to thank all those at Biffa Award for their help and support in bringing this much needed project to fruition.


A selection of images showing the refurbishment before & after, launch event and also from 2016 Open Gardens.


Cossall Community Hall – Old School Room is jointly managed by a group of people drawn from Cossall Parochial Church Council, the Cossall Parish Council and a local charity Cossall Community Chest. The group meet regularly to ensure the building is properly maintained and that the income and costs associated with the running of the hall are kept in balance. Members of the group are responsible for managing the bookings, making sure the building is looked after by users and kept clean and tidy for others to enjoy.

History of Cossall Community Hall - Old School Room


The original School in Cossall was in the upstairs room of the Alms Houses. But by the early 1800s, due to the expansion of the population of Cossall, the need arose for a larger school. This resulted in the building of what we now know as The Old School Room.


There is a difference of opinion as to when the School was built. Research says 1813 but the date plaque in the porch says 1850 - perhaps this is simply the date the porch was completed.


The building was in use as a School until the new School was built in 1891. The new School was built on Coronation Road, part way between the village and Ilkeston Junction. It was in this position in order to serve the burgeoning population of the junction. This school subsequently closed around 1980 and has had various uses, recently being a hotel and now a private dwelling.


Since the Old School’s closure in 1891 as a room it has had many uses, one of which was by D.H. Lawrence’s fiancés father to teach woodwork and carving to the lads of the village.


In 1925 as part of the sale of the whole of the village by Lord Middleton’s estate, the Old School was given to the Church to be used for ecclesiastical purposes. These are expressed in the good service of the community in the way of Jesus.











The building has been used for many years for meetings and get togethers that have brought the community together.

The building now has a team to manage and promote the use of the building. To many locals, it will always be the Old School Room although as a hall for community use in Cossall it may be more easily known as Cossall Community Hall, terms more familiar to those funding the refurbishment and wider users of the building.
John Wheatley, 2016



About Cossall Parochial Church Council (PCC)

St Catherine’s seeks to be a community of people who meet to worship Jesus and serve alongside others in Cossall within the diocesan vision of “the transforming mission of God.” This has been the case since the 14th century when the church was built. The PCC oversees the work of St Catherine’s.


About Cossall Parish Council

Cossall Parish Council has been in existence since 1896 the council meets in the Community Hall - Old School Room on the third Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm with the exception of August and December when no meetings are held.

The Parish Council deals with many local matters that affect residents; for example, considering how planning applications might affect neighbours, looking into complaints of; for example, noise, excessive traffic, pollution, overgrown hedges or broken stiles.

The Parish Council provides the hanging baskets you see on the lamp-posts in summer, and the provision of dog waste bins and their regular emptying.


About Cossall Community Chest

Cossall Community Chest is a registered charity whose purpose is to raise funds for community based projects within the parish of Cossall. Over the last few years their main thrust has been to raise funds to help with the refurbishment of the building. The main fundraising activity has been Cossall Open Gardens which it is hoped will continue for many years to come.

John Wheatley shows his copy of the sale catalogue to the current Lord Middleton, the Bishop of Sherwood and David Henshaw.


1960s Summer Party

Cossall Community Chest will be holding a 1960s Summer Party on Saturday 13th August at Highlands on Mill Lane Cossall.


Meet the Owl Man of Risley

At 6.30pm on Friday 14th October Cossall Community Chest will be hosting an event with a selection of owls shown by the Owl Man of Risley - Bob Morley of


The restoration and upgrade now provides users with a good, clean and warm environment to hold a variety of functions.


The walls have been fully insulated and new highly efficient heating panels will ensure the hall is warm and cosy even in the depths of winter.


As part of the refurbishment a multifunctional lighting system has been installed so that the hall can be lit in a number of ways to host general meetings or catering events, presentations where the lights need to be dimmed or for parties where a bit of glitz and glamour is called for! The floor has been comprehensively refurbished and is suitable for all occasions including a bit of disco dancing.


The kitchen has been repositioned within the new extension, which has helped to make much more

space within the body of the hall. There are plenty of worktops and the usual equipment to allow you to cater for parties of up to 50 people seated at tables and approximately 70 in buffet style.


The toilet and storage area is part of the extension and the toilet is fully compliant with current standards and also incorporates facilities for the disabled.


If you would like to book Cossall Community Hall – Old School Room, please use the form below and submit it to our Bookings Officer who will respond to you by email as soon as possible


Rates of Hire for Cossall Community Hall as of May 2016

Weekday rate: £10 / hour*

Weekend rate: £12 / hour*

10% reduction for residents of Cossall.


50% of the costs to be paid as a deposit, with the balance paid at least a week in advance. Cheques payable to Cossall PCC, for details of how to pay by BACS, please contact the Booking officer, who will provide you with our bank account details.


Regulations for Hiring of Cossall Community Hall

Old School Room

Applicable to all users of the Hall


During and After Use of Hall

*  The hirer is expected to leave the premises clean and tidy, turning off lights and taps, and shutting all doors. The floors should be clean and no changes made to anything on the walls.

*  Bins should not be left full but emptied in the outside wheelie bins. Broxtowe Council will only remove rubbish placed in the wheelie bin. Therefore hirers are required to take away any excess waste if there is insufficient room in the bin

*  The hirer shall be responsible for any damage to the property and contents during the hiring period.

*  The hirers shall have the responsibility of ensuring that no annoyance or inconvenience is caused to occupiers of nearby properties and others. The front car park is not to be used for outdoor activities without prior permission.

*  The hiring shall be strictly limited to the use for which the premises are booked and to the room(s) booked and within the hours agreed with the Secretary of the Hall Management Committee.


When booking, please note:

*  The hirer shall be over 21 years and not from an unlawful or extremist background. The Hirer must not use, permit or allow rooms/site to be used for any extremist or terrorist activities or for the dissemination of extremist views or materials.

*  All lettings must finish by 11pm. Extension beyond this time is by agreement.

*  In line with legal requirements, no alcohol is to be sold on the premises.

*  The Hall is not licensed for gambling.

*  No large play equipment can be brought into the Hall without prior agreement.

*  Inside the Hall is a non-smoking area.

*  St Catherine’s has Ecclesiastical Insurance but hirers are advised to check that the appropriate public liability and indemnity insurance is in place. The church and Management Committee shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to property arising out of the hiring or for any loss, damage or injury, which may be incurred by or be done or happen to any person or persons resorting to the hall during the hiring, arising from any cause whatsoever.

*  Cancellations will be accepted, but we require at least 7 days notice. Exceptional circumstances will be taken into consideration.

* The hirers are responsible for appropriate Safeguarding policies to be in place. For sleepovers, there should be no outside activity after 10pm or before 8.30am, respect for neighbours is vital. There should be sufficient adults to supervise children, in line with the Safeguarding policy.

* The general safety of children in the Hall and Car park is the responsibility of the hirers, with appropriate care and safety procedures should children be allowed outside of the Hall.

*  The Hall Management Committee reserve the right to refuse any application for hiring and to cancel existing bookings should they deem this to be necessary, and are not obliged to state a reason for refusal or cancellation. The premises cannot be used for any religious activity that is not Christian, in line with the deeds of the property.

*  The Hall Management Committee, Rector, Churchwardens and Church Council shall in no way be liable for loss or damage to property, including motor vehicles, belonging to hirers or persons using the premises

*  The kitchen is reserved for catering purposes only, in line with Hygiene Regulations and may not be used for any other activity.  Applications for use to be made to the Bookings Secretary. The committee reserves the right to make an additional charge for the use of the kitchen facilities except when required for tea or coffee making only

*  The Hall Management Committee, reserve the right to vary the above conditions of hiring at their discretion.


Cossall Hall and car park is owned by St Catherine’s Cossall, Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham, and managed by the Management Committee with representatives from the Church Council, Parish Council and Community Chest.



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